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The Republic Navy: A History
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Star Wars: Shattered Equinox Forum Index » Character Biographies » The Republic Navy: A History
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 Post Posted: Mon Nov 23, 2009 1:38 am    Post subject: The Republic Navy: A History
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The Following text is an excerpt from the book The Republic Navy: A History a book detailing figures both big and small who served in The Republic Navy.

Name: Yun Retter
Birth Place: Keren, Naboo - 49 BBY
Current Job: Unemployed
Former Job: Republic Navy and Starfighter Corps


The only thing that's ever mattered to me was flying for as long as I can remember -Yun Retter

Born 49 BBY in the City of Keren to one Mrs. June Retter, Yun didn't have an above average childhood. Surprising, for someone who would make a name for himself later during the time of the Republic. He enjoyed watching shockboxing, racing skyhoppers, and excelled in school; particularly logic. Had he not had a natural inclination towards flight, perhaps young Yun Retter would have gone on to make a name for himself at the Theed University. However, in 32 BBY his life would change forever with an event that shook the galaxy.

The Invasion of Naboo led to a resistance grown in the Royal Naboo Security Corps. Yun learned to fire a weapon, pilot a Naboo N-1 Starfighter, and most importantly, the charisma of being a leader. The Nabooians didn't have much, but their was an inevitable spirit amongst the rag tag people that would stick with Yun for the rest of his life.

Yun flew against the droid control ship that battle; and although he was not responsible for blowing it up (although it is widely attributed to him), his kill record was notable, and he was awarded the Naboo Medal of Exemplary service along with the rest of the Starfighter pilots.

Attachment to Jedi Master Echuu Shen-Jon

We were a sorry group of pilots, all of us human; but we dared to make the clones look bad. We didn't do half bad. -Yun Retter

Joining up with a group of the same pilots who'd fought in the Naboo invasion, Yun was included in the formation of Green Squadron or "Mean Green" as they were known. Not having a place amongst the normal clones just yet, Green Squadron was taken by Jedi Master Echuu Shen-Jon; who was pursuing Sev'rance Tann.

Whilst amongst the Jedi Master, Yun participated in the Battle of Sarapin, where he racked up another high vape score; dogfighting with the best of the CIS pilots; but not well enough to save several of his copilots.
He did manage, however, to save Green Lead, an act that earned him the Silver Valor Medal, and a promotion to Starfighter 1st Class, as well as the title of Green 3, which he would fight under during the Battle of Krant, where unfortunately Jedi Master Echuu Shen-Jon would lose his life after taking Sev'rance Tanns.
By this time, both Yun Retter and Green Squadron had gained a name for themselves, leading to them being reassigned to the 9th Fleet.

Attached to the 9th Fleet

I had no idea at the time who flew that fighter; and just how good of a pilot I had just gone up against. Thinking back now, I'm lucky to have survived -Yun Retter, following the Battle of Hypori

Yun and Green Squadron saw their first action at the Battle of Hypori; which wasn't so much a battle as a slaughter. The first group sent in was ambushed by mines, and Green Squad was fortunate enough to have evacuation detail. During the battle, Yun engaged a Belbullab-22 starfighter as it tried to escape, not knowing then who it was.
He would encounted the Belbullab-22 once more during the Battle of Nadiem, this time recognizing it fully as piloted by General Grievous. The General had already decimated half of Green Squad, and Yun's fighter was damaged in the encounter; but he managed to buy enough time. One of the few survivors of the battle, Yun was promoted to the E4 rank- Senior Starfighter, and moved to Lead of Green Squadron. He was also given the Medal of Order for his efforts.
His greatest accomplishment would come during his last time with Green Squadron, where during the Battle of Bothawui he would perform so admirably as to attract the attention of Anakin Skywalker. He performed so admirably and ranked such a high kill count that he was given the Medal of Victory for his service to the Starfighter Corps.
After accepting a challenge by the Jedi Knight Skywalker to a duel in the simulator, Yun was taken from Green Squadron and recommended for Officer status, which he would be granted temporarily before attending an actual Academy. However, before then, Skywalker requested Yun to his fleet.

Anakin Skywalker and The Outer Rim Sieges

Were Anakin and I friends? No, we didn't get to chummy with Jedi. They were Jedi, we were pilots. He was the boss, and I was a guy who now had a much bigger gun to blow Separatists up with.. -Yun Retter

Assigned to the Punisher an old Acclamator-Class Star Destroyer and given the rank of Lieutenant Commander, Yun was forced to learn the ropes quickly during the Second Battle of Geonosis. However, he proved more then adept at officership, getting the highest kill record of the battle; and punching a hole for the landing crews.
Skywalker, impressed, recommended him for the Chancellor's Service Medal and gave him leave to attend the Coruscant Naval Academy, where he would spend the next two years.

His next battle became his most renowned one. Taking part in the Battle of the Azure Spaceport, a battle the Republic would lose, the Punisher would protect Anakin Skywalker's ship as he went ground side to ensure Senator Amidala's safety.
Seeing the losing odds, Retter convinced his crew to evacuate and get the ground crews to safety. Accompanied only by a skeleton crew, most of whom were composed by this time of former Green Squadron members, Retter set his ship on a suicide rush towards the nearest Separatist heavy cruiser.
Distracted by the pending loss of one of their capital ships, the Separatist's failed to notice a group of high speed Republic Interceptor's speeding towards another one of their capital ships The Sand Dragon which fell to the commando team of Nabooians, and provided a suitable distraction for the Jedi down below.

Sieges and Career End

All good things had to come to an end; and family has always been my priority, I'm all my mother had after all, besides, my luck could never last." -Yun Retter

Retter participated in many of the last battles of the war, including the Battle of Coruscant (Piloting a brand new Acclamator-Class Cruiser Destiny's Way) But returned home almost immediately following the battle to administer care to his Mother.
When she passed away, Retter was given an official undetermined amount of time leave, and granted the Superior Service Medal by Chancellor Palpatine himself for his incredible service to the Republic, as well as the rank of Captain.

A year later, the Naboo insurrection would happen when the then Queen hid Jedi on her planet. Not having been in contact with what was happening across the galaxy, Retter was confused at this turn of events. The exact details that followed are unclear, but Retter, known to be a loyalist to his planet, formed a group known as the Sons of Naboo, which contained many of his former Green Squadron members.

This is the last official account of Yun Retter, and while presumed dead, the order for Yun Retter is to arrest him on sight on Naboo.

His awards and accomplishments are as follows:
-Chancellorís Service Medal
-Silver Valor Medal
-Medal of Order
-Medal of Victory
-Naboo Medal of Exemplary Service
-Superior Service Medal
-Clone War Campaign Ribbon
-Sarapin Campaign Ribbon
-Outer Rim Campaign Ribbon
-Azure Spaceport Ribbon
-Many others not traceable due to Retter's current status and the knew Order.
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Star Wars: Shattered Equinox Forum Index » Character Biographies » The Republic Navy: A History
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