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Star Wars: Shattered Equinox Forum Index » RP Stories » Underfire
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Giran Marr
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 Post Posted: Wed Dec 16, 2009 10:53 pm    Post subject: Underfire
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A small, very random, incident on Sullust - I was bored...


a young human in a knee-length trenchcoat slips into view from behind one of the Titan's landing struts. "Hello there..." he smiles as he sees Nekka.

The young twi'lek is standing by the Delta 7 Aethersprite, running her fingers along some surface scars. She spins quickly when she hears the voice.

a young human in a knee-length trenchcoat walks over to Nekka, and peers over her shoulder, "Keeping busy I see..." he chuckles, hands clasped behind his back.

Nekka smiles back as she eases up a bit. "Oh It's only you, almost thought you were someone else.

"Oh? You were expecting someone else?" Giran grins as he leans against the Delta 7. He turns and runs his hand along the hull. "You've been treating her well..." he smiles.

She chuckles, "Sorry, ever since the brief encounter with the Imp, guess I've been a bit more on the edge." Looking at the hull and commenting, "Indeed, minor scraches here and there, running blockcades. Nothing she can't handle." She pats the ship.

Giran chuckles, "Word on the street says you and the captain are wanted people..." he looks to Nekka. Suddenly he snaps around and flings himself towards the twi'lek. "GET DOWN!" he shouts.

The duo suddenly find themselves under blaster-fire.

Nekka hit ground and lets out a grunt, she quickly pulls out a blaster from it's holster as she scans the area for the attackers.

As the duo hit the ground, more blaster-fire rains around them coming from a rodian now running down through the pad towards them. A bounty hunter?

As they hit the ground, Giran rolls, unholstering his blasters and slides into a crouch, firing back at the rodian. Shoot first, questions later, if the rodian lives. With a grunt at the sudden sizzling of singed flesh, the young man jolts back and falls to the ground. "DAMNIT!" he curses, holding his left shoulder. "Take him out!" he shouts to Nekka, using his good hand to keep firing.

Nekka She quickly dives towards Giran glances at his wound before firing back at the rodian . She fires off a few more rounds before the blaster *Clicks* empty. As she replaces the ammo clip the flames from the small explosion start to spread towards the rodian's hiding spot.

Giran looks over their own hiding spot, and he too notices the flames head towards the rodian. "Oh damn. I hate this part..." he mutters as he reloads his own blaster, holstering his other."Nekka, get that fire out. Those are fuel crates." he growls. Suddenly he dashes out, running against the flames, "I'll get the rodian!" he shouts back as he runs, blaster ahead, firing warning shots, trying to draw the rodian out.

As the young man in the trenchcoat runs out all gung-ho, his firing draws out the rodian who runs out of cover and across the pad, away from the fuel crates. Looks like it's up to the twi'lek to stop the fire now...

Nekka she rises from their spot and sprits across the landing pad towards the speading flames. As she passes her ship she pops open a small panel and grabs something from it as the rodian fires a couple shots towards her but fails to hit. She arrives at the flames and quickly starts to extenguish the flames with a fire hydrent.

a young human in a knee-length trenchcoat stops his run and takes careful aim at the rodian, running towards what seems to be his ship. Giran fires and the shot hits, dropping the rodian to the ground. From the commotion comes a moment of silence, before everyone gets back to their own business.

Giran looks back to Nekka, and smiles as he sees the flames go out. Nursing his shoulder, he walks towards the Rodian, now stunned from the well aimed shot. "We'll find out who you are..." Giran says softly, as he crouches next to his 'victim'.

Spraying out the last of the flames, she quickly tosses the device a side and carefully starts in the direction of Giran and the rodian, her blaster pulled and ready.

Giran rummages through the rodian's clothing as Nekka approaches. "Would you be so kind as to check his ship, and download anything you can from the ship's computer?" he asks her with a smile. "We'll leave before he wakes up. I set it on a pretty strong stun, he should wake in an hour, if he's not hunted down by then..." he says as he finds a data-chip and gets up from his crouch, wincing. "Bastard got a lucky hit." he chuckles.

She looks at his wound for a moment judging it's condition, "It looks like your wound isn't too serious" Taking out a medpac she tosses it to Giran and the jogs to the rodians ship. In a matter of a few seconds she's hacked into the control panel and the ships hatch opens. Looking back with a smile she enter the ship with weapon drawn.

a young human in a knee-length trenchcoat catches the medpac. "Yeah, thanks" he replies as he takes out a booster syringe and injects his injury with it. That aught to stop any infections. Covering his injury with a bandage, groaning as he does so, Giran closes the medpac and walks towards the attackers ship.

A few minutes later she exits the vessel slipping a data chip into her pocket and jogs over to Giran. "Well, I downloaded all I could from it's flight computer, it's encrypted but we should be able to crack it.

As Nekka comes out, he nods approval with a smile, "Good work. I'll have a look into it. You can go carry on with your work..." he says, as he extends a hand for the data Nekka downloaded.

Nekka walks up to him and with a sly smile slips the chip into his hand, and presses close against him. In a whisper "We'll have to do this sometime again in the future, but next time, dodge the blast." With a quick wink she smiles and steps back.

Giran raises an eyebrow, then smiles softly at Nekka as he slips the chip inside his coat. This time it's he who steps close to the twi'lek, leaning forward. "Maybe I should've tried for a worse wound, who knows I get lucky enough for you to -treat- my wounds" he replies in a similar whisper as he steps back, hands in his pockets.

Nekka face starts to turn a bright red and she quickly says, "Well, It appears ... that ... umm, I need to get back to my studies, Do be careful." She points to the rodian, "I hope you deal with that. Gotta run!"

Giran looks to Nekka. She is rather attractive after all. "Alright, best of luck. Hope you find something. And look after yourself" he smiles as he raises a hand in a wave, turning and making his way towards his ship. Walking to the rodian, he steps over the body as a muffled thump sounds. As the young man steps away, a small plume of smoke wafts upwards from the body.


Hope you enjoyed it, if anyone is interested in developing a separate story about the 'bounty hunter' please let me know before hand, otherwise I'll just treat this as a random incident and will not be any developments...
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Star Wars: Shattered Equinox Forum Index » RP Stories » Underfire
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